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Furpezoo® Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate 38 inch Large


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  • 【Quality frames】Heavy duty dog crates are made of 10 mm thick, high-quality, corrosion-resistant square steel tube, which is more bite-resistant and stronger than fine wire dog crates. Each door of the indestructible dog crate has a security lock to prevent the dog from opening the door and escaping
  • 【3 doors and 3 conveniences】The big door allows your pet to enter and exit easily, the small door is convenient for your dog to feed, and when it is irritable, you can open the top door to touch her head and interact with her to relieve her tension
  • 【Removable Tray】The removable (slide out) tray catches falling hair and excrement and can be pulled out and rinsed with water. The bottom nets are perfectly spaced and sized to not only allow dog food and feces to fall, but also to keep your dog standing still.
  • 【Easy assembly】The main frame of the dog cage as long as the installation of 6 screws, and 4 wheels, and related accessories, 10 minutes to complete the installation, with detailed installation instructions.
  • 【Lockable Universal Wheels】The crate is equipped with 4 lockable universal wheels that help you easily move the crate to any position. The lockable wheels allow for stable placement of the crate, giving the dog a sense of security.

360° Universal Wheel

4 lockable wheels allow you to push the dog crate to anywhere and can be over firmly locked, more secure.

Removable Tray

The slide-out tray catches fallen hair and other trash and can help you quickly clean up your dog's crate.

Front door lock

Newly upgraded latch, even if a smart dog can't break free.

Top door lock

We have upgraded the latch with an enlarged opening to make you more express to open and close the door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
great cage

He tried everything and couldn't get out.

Spencer Lynn
perfect dog crate

This is exactly what our 38lb dog needs, she doesn't take up a lot of room but I like that she has room to move, she has separation anxiety and ruined two regular crates; Climb out on the railing. The crate had such thick steel bars that she tried to break them, but failed.

Michele W.
This thing is solid! !

We bought this for our highly anxious Anatolia Shepard. She is a year old now and this crate is strong enough to break her madness. When we were away from work and school, we could finally keep her in her cage without worrying about our home being torn to shreds and her hurting herself in the process. This crate beat her, and for the first week, on short trips, she would dig, bite, and even jump on its sides. This thing didn't budge. She figured it out, and now when we leave, she lays down like a trained crate puppy. We can relax, she sleeps well during the day and we come home with a happy and safe dog.

Ellisha Temple
very good

Very tough and great product!

Chelsea Mae
If you have big, powerful canine friends, you need this.

I got this for my 4 month old puppy in March of this year and it has been a lifesaver, now he is 7 months and still sleeps comfortably, naps and pauses, so happy! The product construction, packaging, and design are definitely worth the money.