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Term & Conditions

Term & Conditions

Reviews and comments

Any statement that you offer or leave furpezoo, with or without restrictions, such as an idea, know-how, technologies, reviews, comments, or suggestions will be treated as non-confidential and legally unable. You agree that furpezoo transfer all IP rights irrevocably and essential so that the products of furpezoo without license fees around the world with the economic use have the right to copy purposes, advertisements, publications, edits, leases, transfers or create for sale and for distribution. It is also possible for furpezoo to transfer the data to third parties, modify, construct again, disassemble or decompile it. All submitted proposals and comments go on to Antapparel are just as property. That's why they cannot be returned and are in connection with any applications of furpezoo in the future.


All documents, designs, photographs, illustrations, audio clips, or the like, as well as the software of furpezoo and other websites operated by furpezoo include furpezoo under the copyright laws. The websites of furpezoo are patent fair and equitable competition and protected by other laws, they may, therefore, be either in whole or in part, be copied or imitated. No logo, graphic or image from any Microsoft Web sites may not be copied or retransmitted unless it has the express written consent of furpezoo before. The documents, the structure, and the software are protected by copyright. The logos, slogans, trade name, or some other words are authenticated trademarks of furpezoo. They may not be published on any other website without the express consent of furpezoo.